We find solace in simple words…

There’s a song by LEEANN WOMACK , if you haven’t listened or heard this song, I would recommend you do. First time I heard this song I said to myself …”just another country song” ! It meant nothing to me, I could barely sing a full song without humming or mumbling at the words. So when I hear a song and like it, i usually find the lyrics to see if  there is any portion of the song that resonates with me.  So one day, while I was browsing though a retail store in New York , it must have been one of the days, you know those kind when you are consumed with your own thoughts , you take a stroll just to easy up the pressure – we all have such days , don’t we?

So, I hoped aisle to aisle and there I was in a small section, shelves filled with cooking books, children’s book , novels and there i saw a little book titled “I HOPE YOU DANCE”. I remembered the words, I knew I had heard the lyrics of the song , some where far, not in New York but home in Uganda before I even knew I would over walk the streets of New York .

I bent over gracefully , picked up the little magic book, with the sweetest tittle , words that dived deep into my soul , I stared at it with love like a new mother staring at her new born & felt the bond , the comfort . it was the last one and I felt it had lay there waiting on me , I looked no more, I joined the long line of women with huge carts,kids begging their mothers if they could have an extra item, such amused me because I never had a chance to make requests as a child, I took whatever I was given without question .

I eventually paid for my little book, and left the store immediately , I had found me something to read that evening and I had to run.

I got home safely, feeling lighter and started on it , My little book of less that 50 pages but very , very fitting a book so inspiring , so healing , so comforting – it’s what I needed that evening and my day had been made whole!

In between  my reading time , I stopped to wipe a tear or two, some parts I cried so hysterical like a child but at the end of it all I felt a renaissance of my soul, the things that worried me or the load I had felt huge upon my shoulders had been washed away – the power of ” simple words”.  “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean, whenever one door closes i hope one more opens , promise me that you will give faith a fighting chance . And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance . I hope you dance …..I hope you dance ”

At that point I wished all that to my family, my father , brothers, mother and friends who were all thousands of miles away from me. I hoped they felt small when they stood beside an ocean, no ocean in uganda so a lake would do. I hoped they understood these words or interpreted them the same as I did. But then I figured that mostly likely they had not heard this song before, if they did may it comfort their souls and yours as it did mine, I hope you dance.


2 thoughts on “We find solace in simple words…

  1. Am so inspired by this message Abby. When one door closes one more opens,how sweet! and will always appear small beside the ocean. Oh my good Lord!! i hope i can dance….for sure i will. am smiling wide…………..

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