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striving to be better….

I’m not trying to be the best, I’m trying to be better than i was yesterday!


If i could stop the hand of time.

Where does time go, a day of 24 hours runs out so fast. Between working, school and commute. I’m left with no time for myself. Where does time go? if only i could stop the hand of time for a while, then may be i would have more time to finish all that wish to do.

Today, is yet another beautiful day, nice weather and so much on my plate.there’s no time for tomfoolery i gotta stay focused. Study , Work and study!

AAAAAhhhh, is anyone out there feeling me, life is just not a game , it’s a hierarchy of achievement.

Always on the Set button, Run, Run , Run……………time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Have a beautiful day!