striving to be better….

I’m not trying to be the best, I’m trying to be better than i was yesterday!


Our thoughts are us..

On a nice summer day, I’m seated here reasoning with my own mind
Thoughts racing through my mind like a shooting star
Falling from the sky, down to earth
Where it falls I don’t know, do you?
And nor do I know where my thoughts dissipate to
They come and go, one after the other

Some of joy
Some of sadness
Some of resentment
Some of insecurity
Some of confidence
Some of tenderness
Some of prosperity
Some of love
Some of hope
Some of happiness
Some of empathy
Some of kindness
Some of compassion
Some of anger
Some of peace
Some of desire
Some of fear
Some of purity

My thoughts are who I A M ! they have shaped me & my personality,they have crafted me to have hope & faith in myself, hope in someone, hope in the things i do or words i say, they are my experiences, have given me the strength to face another day , another trial , the courage to face life and view each day as Better than yesterday . If i never experienced each one of my thoughts, no way ever would such thoughts occur in my mind,as conflicting as they may sound, each one of them runs through my mind and your mind at one moment in life. we all have had similar thoughts but dealt with them differently, I like to reason with my mind,when I was young I acted, but as I have grown older I try hard to reason with my mind before I act . I believe so many of us have been there but have out grown our childish foolishness and become better-1 CORITHIANS 13:11. I would probably think i’m not human if such thoughts never occurred in my conscious. But again i would be glad to be a member one Utopia world.

In real life , my thoughts are my guiding star, they are as beautiful as life itself , each of them is unique and the impact they cause to my soul is unique too. through my thoughts i have learned that kindness,compassion and Empathy is the greatest of them all- for we can’t love or live in happiness, peace and harmony without the three key ingredients ( kindness, compassion, empathy) I don’t know what i would be like if i did’t have thoughts that weighed on my mind , that forced me to re-think over different situations in my life, forced me to search my soul to reflect upon the events of my life and find goodness even in the least deserving.

Every thought that runs through our mind is significant we should not ignore it , it’s either to change our attitude towards an experience we have encountered in life or just to help us grow out of a situation or as a warning of something we are unaware of, yet to occur along the way. To be prepared to face it and over come it.

Our thoughts are also determined by our environments , our friends and those we surround ourselves with every day & throughout our whole life .Surround yourself with mind like people and say a prayer for those that support you through all your failings because we can’t succeed at everything in life , no one can we pursue a dream without the help of those who cheer us on with kindness, compassion and empathy.

Ultimately, we are shaped by our own thoughts!

He will send you an ANGEL…

Remember when I said never give up or at least die trying , but before that happens someone may pick you up .

 Yes, life is like a movie your hero always comes at the end , when you are at that curb fighting to survive. Trying to get a grip on something , hoping that something would be strong enough to help you hang on for at least another second.

No one  has ever wanted to die – we die trying , we never surrender to death!

Always rememberer your greatest Hero is God and he will send you an angel to guide you through it all.

Never give up!

You cannot blame anyone for your failures .

Yes, many of us have not had the strongest support

From family , friends and other relatives

It’s all solely upon you to create your own path and pursue your own dreams.

At your own pace and capacity.

It will not be easy, it will not happen over night .

You will cry and learn to wipe your own tears , pull yourself up and carry on.

You will get consumed with thoughts of giving up – you simply can’t !

look how far you have traveled to get here, you must remind yourself over and over

That you can do it !

Those around you will sense the difference in you, the strength in you, the ambition , the desire

to achieve , to be better or the worrier that you are , the loner in you , they will even think you

are depressed for there will be days when you just want to be alone – don’t be alarmed, stay


Some will try to bring you down, some will be supportive , love them and stick with them

There will be those who will hit you with negative criticism , it will only hurt for a while not forever –

don’t give up!

Remember , you cannot blame anyone for your failures, try or at least die trying –

Someone may pick you up before you do …..anyway!