Never give up!

You cannot blame anyone for your failures .

Yes, many of us have not had the strongest support

From family , friends and other relatives

It’s all solely upon you to create your own path and pursue¬†your own dreams.

At your own pace and capacity.

It will not be easy, it will not happen over night .

You will cry and learn to wipe your own tears , pull yourself up and carry on.

You will get consumed with thoughts of giving up – you simply can’t !

look how far you have traveled to get here, you must remind yourself over and over

That you can do it !

Those around you will sense the difference in you, the strength in you, the ambition , the desire

to achieve , to be better or the worrier that you are , the loner in you , they will even think you

are depressed for there will be days when you just want to be alone – don’t be alarmed, stay


Some will try to bring you down, some will be supportive , love them and stick with them

There will be those who will hit you with negative criticism , it will only hurt for a while not forever –

don’t give up!

Remember , you cannot blame anyone for your failures, try or at least die trying –

Someone may pick you up before you do …..anyway!


Alone, Am I ?

I’m walking all alone on a deserted street, what happened to the lights on this street, there should be a light some where, where is everyone? people dont walk anymore? it’s so dark, i can’t see my feet nor my hand. Am i in a tunnel? there must be a light some where, may be at the end , i will keep walking till i find it. I must find it !